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Cats now available for adoptionů contact cindy@koolkatrescues.org or 344-2063 and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Scroll down to see list of available cats for adoption.

To alleviate some questions...there is an adoption fee of $120.00 for adult cats and $150.00 for kittens, and home visits may be required. The standard adoption fee of $120 gives you a cat that has been examined by a veterinarian, feline leukemia tested, spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. If a cat comes in with additional medical needs, ie, dental, broken limb, ear mites, worms. etc. those needs will be addressed and the cost of the adoption is still $120. And, there is no inflated cost because a cat has blue eyes.

If you reside outside the Municipality of Anchorage there are additional requirements...personal referrals, a vet referral, an agreement to be responsible for transportation (both ways if necessary) and a commitment to returning the pet to Kool Kat Rescue if the placement does not work. Depending on the circumstances, there may be other requirements, adoptions are done on a case by case basis. The commitment is to the cats in rescue as tons of love, time, energy and money is devoted to their rescue, medical bills and care, and the goal is to find them the very best placement with a lifetime commitment.

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Request an adoption application and e-mail it back if you are interested in one of the wonderful cats below.


GARR is a handsome, front declawed, seal point Ragdoll Siamese approximately 1-1/2 years of age. Dumped by his prior owner because her new boyfriend didn't like him and evidently wasn't very nice to him. Garr didn't like him either (that should have been a red flag for her) and showed his distaste for him by peeing on his clothes. While in rescue Garr has been a model kitty cat, using his litterbox and getting along extremely well with everyone. Doesn't take him very long to adjust to new surroundings or to new cats. Garr has gone into trial placement twice and come back. We have narrowed his issues down to mostly men. Garr needs to go into a home with a single woman who already had a few existing kitties. He is not happy being an only child.



CYKA is a stunning DLH dilute tortoiseshell, approximately 9 years of age. Returned to rescue after 3 years 8 months because they said she stalked the younger cat. Readjusted in rescue very well and has no issues with any of the other cats she shares her surroundings with. Looking for her lifetime home where she is perhaps an only cat, though doesn't pick on any of the cats she's presently with. Would do best in a home with no children.





BUNNY SUE is a gray tabby approximately 7 years of age, very sweet and loving. She is handicapped but don't tell Bunny Sue that. Despite the fact her front legs curve at the elbow, she does not let her handicap get the best of her. Still able to jump up onto the couch or favorite chair, and scale the top of the cat post. Bunny Sue has hind feet the size of a snowshoe rabbit, with extra toes. Because she walks on her front elbows, she gives the appearance she is hopping like a rabbit. Bunny Sue's ideal home is one without stairs as she does feel a little intimadated by them. Her sole purpose in life would to be someone's lap warmer. She loves to cuddle and would be great for any one with cat loving children.



TUX is a hunk-a-hunk of burning love. This large handsome DSH male tuxedo is about 2-3 years of age. Came from a home where lots of other cats lived. When he came into rescue it was evident he hadn't been cared for very well or socialized much. It took him awhile to trust and to come out of his shell. He has turned out to be a very nice cat and goes great with other cats. He would do much better around larger humans, so a home without small children is needed. He loves to lay down in your lap for belly rubs, to be brushed and trimming toenails is a cinch. Has turned out to be quite a purr machine.



BUGS was dumped at animal control after her owners abandoned her when they were foreclosed on. When her time was up rescue was called. This 4-1/2 year old DLH Torti Point Siamese was so matted you just couldn't see her true beauty so a visit to the beauty shop was called for. Once again the gorgeous cat she once was, she is now happy and ready to go into a lifetime home that will take the time to brush her long locks so she never has a bad hair day again. Bugs is very loveable, quite social and does great with other cats. Would probably do well with older kids. Bugs does have her Siamese cat personality, is sweet one minute, then moody the next. She seeks attention but on her terms. Loves to be petted, but once she is done, she is done. She will be a great companion for that right someone.


GRANT is a very sweet, very outgoing DMH cream tabby approximately 2-3 years of age. A Houston Alaska cat that was terribly emaciated, had a terrible case of diarrhea and had an awful ear infection with a polyp that has been removed. Volunteers at Houston Animal Control said he appeared to have given up on life he was so depressed. Now healthy (had ablation surgery of the right ear in February) and happy this sweet, loving boy is ready for his new forever home that will give him the love and attention he so desires. Grant does have his medical issues since he came from a hoarding situation. He gets ear infections in his one good ear from time to time and has occasional bouts of diarrhea. Does well with dogs and other cats and most likely kids. How can anyone resist such a sweet face. Read Grant's Story.
MARISOL is another Dutch Harbor cat who is terrified in rescue. She is a DSH torti/tabby, approximately 1-2 years of age. Would need a quiet home with someone willing to give her the space she needs to adjust. Does great with other cats and would probably do better in a home where there is an existing cat. Up for a challenge? Let's talk about Marisol. Would do great as a barn kitty as spent 3 years living underneath someone's house. To the right person, her adoption fee will be waived.

FANTASIA is a very sweet DLH orange tabby with white approximately 3 years of age. Originally came from Houston Animal Shelter when she was up for euthansia. She has one eye that half opens and it looks like she has a permanent wink. Vet says she had trauma in her left eye and left nostril or she has a birth defect. One will never know. She is very outgoing and her antics will keep you entertained. She is lovable and does well with other cats and most likely children. Probably would do well with dogs once she got to know them. Came back into rescue when her idiot new owner promised a lifetime commitment, then dumped her at Animal Control citing "she had gingivitis and would need a dental and I can't afford it". Her dental is done and whoever adopts Fantasia will never ever have to worry about dentals in the future. Fantasia is a wonderful wonderful kitty. Won't you give her a try?


SPENSER is a lovely white and black DSH cat who is approximately 3-4 years of age. Another on the euthansia list from Matsu. He was very depressed when came into rescue...almost like he had given up on life. It is obvious he was on his own for awhile because of the scars on his ears and the terrible condition of his fur. He is now a very handsome boy, his true personally has come out and this guy has a lot of character. Has the sweetest meow and has learned that being a housecat is the best. No more foraging for food and getting beat up by the bullies in the neighborhood. Spenser is a wonderful cat and will make a great companion for someone willing to give him the chance in life he so deserves.



SAFFRON a foxy looking DLH Flame Point female approximately 9 years of age. Came into rescue with her brother and both were adopted out together at 9 months of age, then 6 years later both returned citing allergies. Her brother has since been adopted. Saffron adjusted pretty quickly to her foster home, but it did take time to see her wonderful personality come out. Very sweet and loveable. Her ideal home would be a quiet one with NO small children. Saffron does not like small children and is not hesitate to beat one up if she feels threatened by them.


AVALON is a DSH grey tabby with a black stripe running down her back. Approximately 6 years of age, her life started out very rocky at a very early age when her mother and siblings were dumped out at Eklutna in the fall when they were about 7 weeks of age. Unfortunately only Avalon and her sister could be caught. Avalon and her sister were adopted out into a very careless home where they got outside and the owner did little to get them back inside. Once she was trapped and taken to Animal Control, came back to me where she was starved for attention. She is a very nice cat that does extremely well with other cats. Needs to go into a home with a minimum of one other cat, multiples even better.



Updated 1/13/14