Flower Sept 12, 2012
6 weeks old






Sept 20, 2012







Sept 12- Someone found and trapped a litter of 3 kittens born to a feral mom Sept 11. Two are doing well, and found homes but one had terrible eye infections in both eyes as well as something else going on. She was going to be released to Animal Control September 12 and because I happened to be there at the right moment, I intervened. I took her to the vet office for a complete exam and to determine the best course of treatment. She looked to be about 6 weeks old and weighed in at 1#. I was called by the vet and asked to come into the office so she could show me what was going on with little Flower. In the socket where the right eye should be, it appeared that not much was there as her eye had pretty much been ravaged by the infection. Her left eye was oozing fluid that was inside the eye and that is what the pink mass was on her eye. The vet said she didn't think either eye could be saved and both would need to be removed. Because of the infections she is currently on antibiotics twice a day for two weeks. She was given a long acting pain injection so she would be more comfortable. Because of her size, she needs to grow a little bit and gain some weight before surgery can be done. If you are interested in helping with Flower's surgery, you can donate via PayPal below, or send or drop off a check to Alaska Veterinary Clinic, 300 E Fireweed Lane 99503, or call the vet clinic and donate via credit card to Kool Kat Rescue's account on behalf of Flower.

Thank you

Sept 20 Update - Flower has been on antibiotics for a week and gained 6 ounces. She is such a happy little kitten, she plays and purrs like any normal kitten her age. She races around my bed like it's a racetrack. Her left eye is looking so much better, the red is pretty much gone. I'm wondering if she is able to see a tiny bit, maybe shadows. She reacts to bright light and sometimes I think she might see things directly in front of her, but it could just be wishful and hopeful thinking. She will be rechecked by the vet on Saturday, Sept 22, so I'll see what the vet thinks.

Sept 22 Update - Flower went to the vet today and Dr Lindquist is so impressed as to how well she is doing. We are going to try and save the one eye so the vet started her on a eye medication to be applied in the eye every 12 hours. It's a longshot, but we are going to see what happens. At this time Flower may or may not get to keep her left eye, but only time will tell.

Oct 3 Update - Flower went to see the traveling veterinary eye specialist at Dimond Animal Hospital and he says that both of her eyes ruptured. There is no saving the right eye, however he is very optimistic that the left eye can be saved. It is evident she has some kind of vision, but very up close and her eyes react to light. He believes that when she gets to be a bigger kitten he may be able to help make her see better with some eye surgery. In the meantime she is on a steriod eye antibiotic to help reduce the inflammation and scar tissue. He will reevaluate her in 3-4 months and we will go from there. In the meantime keeping her right eye cleaned in a real challenge but it will be removed when she is spayed.

Feb 2013 Update - Flower went in for surgery and had her right eye removed when she got spayed. She healed great and is doing quite well, however her left eye is now giving her problems and there is a strong possibility that she will lose that eye next. She is on antibiotics for that eye but they don't seem to help. Flower's foster mom has pretty much decided she will most likely adopt her as she has been through all her trials and tribulations from the beginning. That and she has gotten quite attached.


A/O 9/22/12