Kool Kat Rescue Sponsorship

Interested in a cat but aren't able to adopt because of present living arrangements or your lifestyle is such that you just don't have the time? By participating in the Kool Kat Sponsorship Program, you will help to provide the necessary support to shelter and feed a rescued cat who we wouldn't be able to help without your support. In rescue, we provide care for over 40 cats. This is a big job, and you can help in a big way! Your sponsorship will supply food, litter, veterinary care and a safe home for the cat(s) of your choosing. You can sponsor as many as you like; or sponsor one as a gift or a tribute in honor or memory of a loved one!

For just $10 or $20 a month, you can sponsor a cat up until the time of adoption, or for as long as you like. Find a cat you would like to sponsor, let me know, and I will acknowledge your sponsorship by the cat or cats of your choosing in the "Adoptable Cats" or "Sanctuary Cats" page. It's quick, it's easy and there are no litter boxes to clean.

If this sounds like it would work for you, contact Cindy@koolkatrescues.org or 344-2063 for further details or for you convenience you can donate through PayPal above, just make a notation of which cat(s) you are interested in sponsoring.

Thank you for considering a Kool Kat Rescue Cat.